T H E    F R A G E R ' S    H A R D W A R E    S T O R Y

A Timeless Tradition

Fritz "Frank" Frager immigrated from Russia around 1902 after traveling across Europe, where he became skilled in many languages, which helped him to be successful in business. After he was laid off from the Navy Yard, where he worked as a cabient maker, he decided to open his own business. With only $5,000 in borrowed money, he was able to open a hardware store 11 blocks from the United States Capitol in 1920, where it still stands today.

The family lived above the store, as was common in those days.  The business was became so successful that they were able to expand the store during the Great Depression. After Frank died of a heart attack in front of the building, his sons, George & Jules, who worked in the store since childhood, ran the operation for many years. They eventually grew tired of the daily grind and decided to put the store up for sale in 1969. However, it wasn't until 1975 that the operation would change hands.